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Total Language Plus??

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Can you use this if you have another Grammar program. I am using FLL 3 or 4 & WWE for Grammar/Writng and R&S for Spelling. I don't want to add art. I mainly want to use it for reading & comprehension.

I'm looking for my 8yr dd who reads at a 5th or 6th grade level. Her comprehension is mid 7th grade & word recognition is high 8th, I don't want to continue using R&S Reading 3 with her.

I am not sure what am I suppose to order. Is it the Study Guide? Does the study guide include the student worksheets? If so, do I need one copy per child?



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What Becky said......


I read quite a few reviews before I bought that this year. Everyone loved it with one exception.... It is a little weak on grammar so using it with another grammar would be fine.


I took mine to Kinko's and had them break it then made the extra copies I needed for now. I put the original in a binder.


If you think you will have a problem getting it copied, print the permission from the website and take it with you.

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