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What is WRONG with people today????

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I can't imagine this happening back in the 70's, when I was this age. Makes me want to smack them around. Teens beating up a disabled woman and then posting the video on Facebook.




WHAT IS IT? Drugs, prescription or otherwise? Fake food altering body chemistry? Pop culture glorifying violence? Something is going very wrong that this is not an uncommon practice today.

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To my mind? Yes drugs, drink and all that contributes to the break down of families, leaving vulnerable children in desperate circumstances. The breakdown of communities who cared about and looked out for everyone. Unemployment and underemployment causing despair and idle hands for which the devil makes work.


I really don't know what anyone can do anymore :(.

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I think the only differences are that there was no YouTube and it didn't make national news. I grew up in a working class neighborhood and several of the boys I went to high school with wound up in jail for stuff like this.


That is true. Nowadays they turn themselves in via media. Stupid kids.

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"We are going to aggressively prosecute each of them for their callous indifference to this woman."


I'm thankful for that at least. But the article also had one of the officers saying "The girls are defiant. It's like they didn't do anything wrong."


Which makes me wonder if the girls don't have a mental illness themselves - it would be interesting to know if this was the first act of violence or if they had been involved in others, even minor incidents. This seems like a big jump from normal behavior.


All of them mentally ill?

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