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My mother has texting and i'm thrilled about it...

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Because she is such a nasty person to talk to.


My dd has autism, and ds has whatever it is he has because there is no man in the house, and more specifically because there is no godly man in the house. I dont deny that a strong partner would be beneficial to all 3 of us, but it's far from a cure.


I'm sick of talking to her, sick of hearing how her prayer group will go into a child's room while the child is asleep and fix them, sick of hearing how i couldnt possibly understand all she knows and how she knows "the truth," (truth of WHAT?), sick of hearing how I'm not doing a good job because i dont have faith in god (putting aside the fact that i dont believe the existence of any god), and just plain sick of talking to her.


I quit. I can now text her and avoid almost all calls.


Between my father, mother, step mother who raised me until 20 and never spoke to me again, and my current step mother who thinks my brain is a friggen pile of mush, it's no wonder why the h3[] i can't figure out how to raise 2 special needs kids; i never had anything normal modeled to me.


I want to move to an island away from all people, especially those I'm related to (except my kids). I will leave behind all therapists, Drs., electronics, and anything else that doesn't fit in a small bag. Maybe we'll bring some instruments.

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