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How do you/did you find a homeschooling group?

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I'm trying to find a homeschooling group or a smallish co-op and it is hard! We moved here almost a year ago and it seems like I can't find an actual group that is anywhere near my home. If I drove 40 min in different directions I could find a group but nothing near me. (I'm not in a tiny town, or anything like that ... there just doesn't seem to be anything organized where I live). How did you find one and if you didn't find one did you start one? I'm trying to figure out the best way to start something and advertise it. It is frustrating but I figured that if I don't do something now I just won't make any friends/my kids won't have friends.

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Let me see because I have found homeschooling groups in all the areas I have ever lived in and that is many. LIbraries were good resources- either bulliten boards or the librarian. I am with the church school here because the librarian recommended it. I am in the co-op here now because of another Hive member who recommended it. In other places, I looked on the internet. I found three groups we were involved in in FLorida, two groups- co-op and homeschool soccer- in VA, a co-op in New Mexico, a support group in Belgium, and two groups in Sacramento. Another way is to go to a local used bookstore or curriculum store and ask or look at bulletin board. Oh and in Florida, another way is that the homeschool groups put messages in the newspaper in the event section.

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