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If I have The Writer's Jungle Do I need..


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I feel like it was discussed though... was this a double post.


My answer was that I think it's best to get TWJ and read it first off and see what you want to implement from that. Then decide if you want to try The Arrow. I don't know of anyone using the evaluation and planning tool personally.

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Yeh, there are a lot of posts about the Arrow (and I have some of those) but was wondering exactly what the Eval and Planning tool is used for, there isn't a sample. I'm sure it is not necessary, the Arrows seem pretty straightforward, I was just going through the BW catalog and seeing what else I "need". :lol: I'm loving BW right now. :001_smile:


It is scary when I have a paypal balance. :tongue_smilie:


(and yes, I've read and love TWJ)

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