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We've had an entire day of violent outbursts. :(


We FINALLY got in touch with our docs and the neuro-psychologist gave the on call for our family practioner a name of a med to try this weekend.


I admit I'm nevous.


We are trying Tenex (?) She said it was a non stimulant. We really can't afford for him to lose weight or have a loss of appetite after all the food issues we went through this past year.


Our follow up appt for the results from his testing was scheduled for the end of October, but she said that she will have her office call us on Monday to move that up. She says we can't wait that long, we are in crisis mode.


And all I feel like doing now is crying. :(


I didn't speak with the docs (my husband did from from the calm of his office...) but will this affect the outcome of his school developmental evaluation on Tuesday? I mean.. if it works...

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meant to say he CAN'T afford to lose weight...
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Tenet doesn't have too bad of side effects. It shouldn't affect appetite. As the dose is started and increased it can cause sleepiness which can be the limiting factor of how high a dose you can go. It actually falls in the class of anti-hypertensive drugs. It shouldn't affect BP much unless the child gets dehydrated.

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Meant to say he CAN'T afford to lose weight....


About 20 minutes after he took the medication, he started kind of slurring his words together and asking things over and over.


He was really sad we had to move his brother out of their room. :9




"His mercies are new every morning..." Clinging to that promise!

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He actually SLEPT last night!


He came into bed with us around 4:30 which is a vast improvement! Then he went to sleep and slept until 7am. That hasn't happened since way before the baby was born.


Usually he is up for the day when he comes into our room.. 2:30? 3:30 it doesn't matter. Awake is awake. :001_huh:


This morning he has only had one little crying spell and he is generally compliant. (We aren't expecting perfection, he is THREE after all.) No hitting or biting today so far.


He hasn't even touched the light and fan switches. (Switches are an obsession for him. He MUST be the one to flip them on and and off. We had a biting episode yesterday because one of the other children turned the light off.)


I'm hopeful... and yet a little nervous that this is a fluke.


It's been a long, long road.

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