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I'm not such a great homeschooler today, but I just earned oodles of mommy points.

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I've been prepping things for a wedding this week so we haven't been on the ball as far as school for the last two days. We've done math, Latin and reading, but that's about it. Today was going to be the day that we got caught up on lessons. Well, the weather is finally PERFECT after months and months of sweltering heat. It's cool, breezy, sunny...just perfect.


We got through math.....then I put up the awning, hung blankets from the sides, put a little table and chairs out there, gave them a bunch of throw rugs and they are happily setting up house out there. They will be out there the rest of the day. :D


The older two took advantage of my generous nature too and took their dogs down to the woods\creek.


Childhood at it's best. The lessons can wait...their childhood won't. This is why I homeschool.

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We have had a big day of nature study outside enjoying our beautiful weather. We enjoyed ants, roly polled, magnolia, pine, and oak seeds. We pulled up some baby oaks and identified their parts. It's been a fantastic day! :001_smile:



That sounds amazing! I really need to make a bigger effort to do that type of thing when the weather is good. We've got a creek and woods right here that I should be taking advantage of.


They are catching bugs right now and trying to make habitats for them. (There "house" has a lab in it I'm told.:lol:) They've got the nature handbook out there trying to determine what each bug eats. Other days I would be trying to justify that at least they're doing science, but today...I just don't care.:D

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So I shouldn't have fussed at my 6 year old yesterday when she came running from the woods with a plastic knife in the air with mud "war paint" on her cheeks and forehead pretending she was an Indian?? I really do like for her to play in the mud, but I did not feel like having to give her a bath last night and she wasn't wearing "mudhole" clothes.


:lol: That's cute. My older girls came home from the woods covered in mud, the dogs were covered in mud...I don't think my kids own much more than "mudhole" clothes. I keep their few nice clothes in my closet.

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