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  1. We are really enjoying Joy Hakim's Story of US.
  2. Perhaps dark sunglasses and window shades would help. It seems like it it the brightness that may be the problem. I've heard of people being allergic to the sun. Are they on any meds or supplements that would intensify the sun's effects?
  3. I think you are on the right track with lessening the subject load. I have one suggestion. My dd doesn't enjoying doing math in the workbook or on paper. However, she loves doing it on a white board! Maybe you write the questions, while she writes the answers. I guess it makes it more fun, like a game. Good luck.
  4. We did MM In 1 and 2. It was a nightmare. For 3rd we took a break from structured math and made it fun with Miquon, games etc. this year we are back to structure with CLE. https://ctcmath.com/purchase/homeschool/ If she likes working on the computer, check out CTC Math. A 12 month subscription is $79. That is what we will switch to or supplement if CLE doesn't work.
  5. I have no personal experience with this, but this seems cruel. BP and HR are ways they can tell if a person is sedated or in pain. Perhaps this is normal for this dr because he's a quack. A properly sedated person will not be fighting, with rapid heart and high BP. They will be calm and relaxed. This sounds like a nightmare! Poor child!
  6. Sears Parts Direct. It will be specifically made for your oven. Just find the model number. They sell all major brands.
  7. We are a work in progress here as I'm in the midst of tossing tons of stuff so we can actually keep things clean and organized, but awhile back a friend suggested what works for her is a checklist for every room. That way kids see exactly what they need to do to get it Mom Happy Clean. I would suggest a 7-14 day calendar/chart telling what chores need to be done on those days and a checklist that goes with those chores/rooms/zones. Example: Bathroom Daily - pick up clothes, put away products, wipe counters, sinks, toilet Weekly - daily plus clean shower/tub, mirror, scrub toilet, sweep, mop Maybe everyone gets a zone to keep clean every week and rotate if you wish.
  8. Let's all just pray we are never in the situation where we'd have to choose. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Just curious, but if someone broke into your home and terrorized (whatever your worst nightmare may be) your family, given the opportunity would you kill them to defend your family or would you just wait until the police arrived to let them stop them? FTR I'm not a violent person or a vigilantly. However, when it comes to protecting my family, I will do it.
  9. The way our justice system works or doesn't work these days, I would be compelled to take action. Ps please delete quoted reply. I'd hate for it to be used against me. ;) I guess I'm haunted about several recent cases of child murder. Recently a 5 yo girl was kidnapped from in front of her apt, brutally raped, tortured, and killed by 2 men a block from her house. Yeah, if that was my child, and if those SOBs ever walked free ....
  10. Ruby Rose


    Usually, you need to finish some or all prerequisites before entering the program. Most programs require an entrance exam like the TEAS V. It's usually a very competitive process.
  11. Write a letter and cc everyone in management. Even though you are leaving this hospital, these employees need to be reprimanded. ICU nurses rarely sit, let alone sleep! Email or mail letters to everyone from unit manager to CEO and make sure lower manage knows upper management is being informed. Not sure if this is regional or nationwide, but hospitals are now being rated partly on patients perceived experience. They lose certain credentials if they are not meeting the expectations of the patient on a consistent basis.
  12. Yes, but we call it Southern Dialect. Fixinta: I'm fixing (about) to make dinner. Kilt: He just about kilt me with his crazy driving. You get the pictcha (picture). Wudder: what are you doing?
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