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How to schedule Latin and Modern Language that wont overwhelm ?? help

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We are going to be doing Latina Christiana 2/Ludere Latine 2 and for Mango Spanish (5th grade). I wanted to do latin 45 mins a day and Spanish 30 mins a day, but going over the schedule we would be doing almost 8 hour days.:001_huh:.... So I need to cut back some where. What schedule worked for you and what didnt?

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We do 20 minutes of Latin and 25 minutes of Spanish a day. I'm not a big believer in long stretches of language instruction. I think shorter, more incremental steps is the way to go. My dd5th never has so much work in the language that it's overwhelming, and because we do only small steps at a time, she always feels successful. Nothing like feeling good at something to increase motivation!



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My daughter does:


Latin 5X per week (30 min)

Greek 4X per week (15-20 min)

French 3X per week (30 min)

German 3X per week (45 min)


and she's trying to add Japanese 3X per week (15 min) (she had to reduce her time spent on German to do this)


I've really found that it's not the length of time that you spend on the language that cements it; it's more about consistency. If you wanted to spend 20 min on both it would work, it would just take longer to get through the material. Keep in mind too, that as your child matures, they can cover more material in a much shorter amount of time.

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My dd spends 45 min on Latin and 30 min on English (foreign language) and the next few years other languages will be added (Greek, German/French), so I'm not the one who is going to tell you that you need to spend less time on languages :D.


I would take a look at the other things you are doing which make your days so long, because 8hours is (IMHO) too long. [whispering] Maybe a little less time for history? [\whispering] :tongue_smilie:

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