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  1. The issue seems to be that their grading philosophies are not only inconsistent between departments, but also between schools. I spoke with a student yesterday in my dd's class ....... she was getting 89% in English at U.B.C. but she's getting a C or C+ in this class. I don't have a problem if they set the bar at a certain point for everyone, but it seems to be all over the map. It's just strange ....... Yes, it was a very good conversation. The philosophy of grading is curious though, but at least she knows from now on. While this seems possible at university le
  2. Update: Okay, my dd went in to see the professor today to get her feedback. Here's what she said: My dd is way above the class average and her writing is absolutely excellent. If she doesn't become an English major, the professor is going to hunt her down. She said her paper was like a rough draft of something publishable. Her style is excellent, her ideas are very good and she communicates them well. If she can produce something like that in first year English, the professor can't wait to see what she's going to produce a couple of years down the road. She said she wanted to
  3. Honestly, I think the professors that I've seen are doing a great job. In a school model that is working well, they wouldn't have to do anything extra. But sadly, our public school system is not great and there are huge numbers of students coming into university who can't write. There is the Writing 100 course that all students entering are supposed to take, but that just seems to give the students the basics because they come into it with little background. There is a writing centre for help, but the feedback from the students is that they are not very helpful, or in any case, their paper
  4. Got it. This is making more sense now. It's wonderful that you're close by because it's helpful to have the context. Oh wow, thank you for that information. I knew the grade percentages were different in the U.S., compared to Canada, but I thought that they were consistent within Canada. So how does the grade point average work then? Is it then structured in a way that it will work out the same compared to other universities or does it work out differently? I'm a little confused.
  5. Wow, that's really interesting. Even though my dd is homeschooled, she has many friends who are in public school, so I've seen what's expected and it's atrocious. My dd's friend in grade 10 wrote a paper about her boyfriend. Her other friend did a book report on Swallows and Amazons in grade 9. Bashing the curriculum is not helpful, but I would understand the professors' dismay at the level of competency (or incompetency) from the students who are coming in. A TA and a professor at this university told me that the percentage of acceptably written papers that they receive is about 15% in f
  6. Generally with regard to the "opinion" I think my daughter felt that she was taking the essay a certain way, had her arguments well laid out (and confirmed by the editors), yet the prof was putting in these comments to "steer" it a little more to what she would have liked to have heard. I do see your point though and I doubt she lost marks for them as they were only opinions. I'll certainly ask her. She's preparing for finals and I have income tax to do, so I'll try to get it out, but if you don't hear from me by the beginning of May, please pm me! Keep in mind this is a Canad
  7. Yes, her thesis statement could have been too weak. They did spend a class on writing their thesis statements and my dd took her thesis statement into the professor with the outline for her essay so I assumed that wouldn't have been the case. I'll have to ask her more about it i.e., whether she altered the original statement, etc. That's a really good point about the academic writing ...... it allows people who are perhaps not naturally good writers to be successful. My dd's writing program taught originality/style within structure and she's used to examples like Ben Franklin, and tho
  8. I can ask her but I wouldn't post it here. If a highschool English teacher, AP English teacher and a professor (and I didn't mentiion the Orthodox priest who was another editor :ohmy: ) can't agree, I can imagine the kerfuffle it would cause here with differing opinions. If you like, I can ask her if she minds if I send it to you in a pm. She might go for that. In any case, I'll talk with her after she sees the professor ---- now it will be Thursday. My dd said there was a line of students today wanting to speak with her today about their essays and there wasn't enough time to see her.
  9. The words "conspiracy theory" are inappropriate to use. They are the PPs words and not mine and my comment was never intended to convey that idea. I wasn't even thinking about my dd and her situation as to my mind, it didn't apply. I was told by my friend's daughter that students receive small scholarships based on their grades, but of course, you have to be enrolled full-time to receive them (it's a Canadian private university so I believe it works differently than the U.S. ...??). I assumed it was possible they would possibly grade harder because of this. Again, I was not aggrieved or a
  10. Thanks so much for this feedback. It certainly makes good sense. I am getting the impression that while the professor does like her writing, she is trying to corral it, and while it may seem rigid now, it will be for the benefit in the future.
  11. It's certainly possible. I've been reading some essays by Wendell Berry, E.B. White, Chesterton, Montaigne, etc. and many of them are brilliantly insightful without the tight academic structure. Why is academic writing so structured? It is a stepping stone, in that only after learning the rules can you break them? Just another thought I'm pondering ....
  12. Don't worry, she won't. She just wanted to make sure her feeling about the prof possibly not reading the paper was accurate and they both concurred. But she would NEVER bring that up to the professor. My dd is very good with people, so I'm sure the conversation will go fine.
  13. Wow, that was a very uncharitable response. The link to grading and scholarships is certainly a logical possibility; from a business POV it certainly makes sense. I'm not sure if it's true or not, however, which was why I was asking .... for information. I'm not frustrated with the situation, I'm simply looking for information that pertains to the situation. My dd is a 16 year old trying to navigate the expectations of university life; both of us are "newbies" and we've received tons of wonderful help on this thread. If my comments have bothered you enough to elicit that response, it's pr
  14. She's put the comment in the third paragraph where my dd begins to define an anti-hero, so it really does appear that she is assuming what my dd is going to say. A comment later is similar. Yes, it's certainly possible that my dd was not clear enough for the professor on her thesis statement, but there is nothing marked there, except a check mark. So I guess she'll find out when she goes in to ask. I'm beginning to wonder if you do have to hit readers over the head with your points in university papers in the proper schematic with very little room for originality. My dd was attempting
  15. Ah, okay, thanks. There are comments and marks all over the paper so yes, absolutely you would think that. I'll give you the example. The main questionable comment (in large letters at the top of the page) is: "the term anti-hero is not appropriate for Tolkien [re: Bilbo] who espouses the Christian heroism of meekness, pity, & courage" My daughter wrote in her essay, "He [bilbo] is definitely not an anti-hero such as ....." and later "Bilbo Baggins is fundamentally different from these two hero stereotypes [classic hero & anti-hero]." Her whole essay is full of the pity and m
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