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I need a list...

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If any of your kids spent their days repeating lines from TV shows and movies, which shows and movies would you limit them to?


Dd has a massive thing for anime shows. The biggest problem is that they are all based on relationships, wanting a relationship, or ending a relationship. The voices are extremely annoying as is the overacting.


I see her copying the lines, movements and everything else about her favorite characters to inappropriate extremes (hanging on a 17 yo friend at the park calling her her girlfriend {i couldnt care less what the gender is of her crushes, but she seems to think it's ok to call an older girl her girlfriend, but not a 17 yo male her boyfriend}).


Knowing that she's going to imitate what she watches, what in the world do i let her watch?!?!


We were without internet for a few weeks (i could use my phone but it was slooooooow) and i really enjoyed being around her more because she couldn't watch anime.

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They watch a movie, 1-1.5 hours while i make dinner. It's needed because i have to cook. Once in a while they'll pick a long one like titanic or the sound of music. This one movie is a HUGE improvement for us.


On saturdays they have young marines from 9-2, and need time to relax separately. Sat is also chores, music practice, etc., so she doesn't have too much time.


It's just that anytime she picks up her ipod, she goes straight to anime. I need to get her interested in other topics so she can watch them on youtube.


Eta: she does not always watch the movie. The point is to keep ds safely occupied, so he usually picks and dd may not like it. In the last week she has read a handful of books in the tiger's curse series and 5 or so manga books (she does not copy things from mangas, just shows).

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My son is the same way so we only let him watch shows (dvd or dvr'd so can fastforward through the commercials) with positive characters. No spongebob or anime or any that reflect nasty or rude behavior. We don't watch cartoon network or any of the other channels geared to kids. I can't stand them so if I can't stand to watch them, he doesn't watch them. I don't know what's out there for girls her age so can't help there, except to say restrict her viewing to 1/2 hour at most on those types of shows and discuss them with her.

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My kids tend to quote movies a lot as well, even though they don't get a lot of screen time, and even though I'm fairly strict about what they're allowed to watch. (Then again, DH and I frequently quote a handful of movies and TV shows as well, so I'm not surprised that the children do. Lines from books get quoted a lot around here by adults and children too.)


I think I'd continue to keep the tight limits on amounts of screen time, and maybe I'd encourage things like musicals or good adaptations of classic novels, things with positive role models, particularly female ones -- Sound of Music (which you already mentioned), Lord of the Rings, Hugo. . . I'm not too bothered when DD quotes and emulates the females from those movies.

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I said safely occupied! Open-ended art does not fall into that category for him. LOL. I'd like for him to be safe while his surroundings and my sanity stay intact. :)


I wish we had a manga club! That sounds like something she would really enjoy. I will write out some things that she likes to do to hopefully take the place of electronics for her.


Once in a while they do help me cook, but it is frustrating and ds needs to wind down in the evening.

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