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American Girl curriculum

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I am thinking ahead to next year. I want to do American History but not use a typical curriculum. I was able to get a large lot of American Girl books: individual girl book sets, the World of... books, craft books, cook books, and paper dolls (all for $9 on ebay). I would love to use these as our jump off points for American History, but before I sit down and start reinventing the wheel, I would love to look at some premade curriculum for this set. Any out there...either by a company or individual?

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Some threads on PoAG:







I used it with my DD as supplement to our study of U.S. history. It is too light on its own IMHO but it is enjoyable. I had thought it would be more like the Time Travelers unit studies (which are enough by themselves) but it isn't. I do think PoAG is a bit overpriced for how light it is.

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Guest Hayley_Croft

I found a wonderful curriculum called Girls of American History that we are using with our AG books.  Check it out: www.girlsofamericanhistory.com.  They are digital downloads and it includes ideas for crafts, drawing and writing assignments, field trip suggestions, biographies from the time period, character traits, recipes, and tons more.  It's like having a Pinterest board of ideas without having to do all the work.  Currently, Kaya, Felicity, Caroline, Josephina, Kirsten, Addy, Samantha, Kit, and Molly are available and the author's facebook page says that she is working on the rest of the characters.  I have done Kaya and Felicity with my 6 year old so far and she loves it.  In fact, I'm learning as much or more than she is!

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This sounds suspiciously familiar to the posts someone was making on the 21st, they too only had a few posts, brought up ancient threads all on people wanting to use AG doll books, and both posters are pushing the same curriculum. Funny huh?


I was wondering if I was just imagining things, but I was seeing the same thing. Not to mention these 2 (or is it 1) people have no other post than just dealing with this AG curriculum. Also on HSR there are 2 new posters (or is it 1) who have only posted about the same curriculum. They have different users than here, but it seems to be the same M O as here.

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I realize that there could be 2 moms who use the same new curriculum and are very excited about it. They together decide to get on hs forums and share the joy they have found with the program. This is why I didn't report the 2 post as possible spam . Generally speaking, however, when someone makes a new appearance and only speaks of one thing, and never participate in any other threads it is usually a spammer, shamelessly posing as a happy user and getting free advertising. I have given the benefit of the doubt in this case, but I remain cautious.

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