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University of Missouri High School

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Just wanted to let those know that dd is taking 2 AP classes from them online (AP Lit and Psych) and so far I'm pretty impressed with the assignments. Thought I'd list some pros and cons in case anyone else is interested in this as a source for online classes.


Cons: The class website takes a lot of reading to get a grip on things. Calendar in one area with due dates, assignments in another, class syllabus in another etc. Could be easy for the student to get lost in and forget to adhere to due dates. Might take some mutual oversight for awhile to be sure they know how to schedule study time and assignments. We've had trouble logging on and have to change the password each time to get in.


Pros: interesting, relevant assignments. Each lesson has some background info by the teacher that is pertinent. Good coverage of the topics needed for the AP exam. Texts are interesting, high interest reading & writing assignments esp in AP Lit. Fair amount of reading and writing with weekly essay assignments. Challenging. Workload appears to be intense, but not so when actually completed. Both classes have occasional chat times (once every couple weeks) with specific topics to be discussed related to that weeks reading.

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@Michelle - I found your review very interesting, because my DD is about to begin Online Distance Learning, from the Middle School of Texas Tech University ISD (TTUISD), 6th grade. Tonight, I ordered the 5 books she needs, from Amazon.com


TTUISD (and TTU, the University) use the "Moodle" Course Management System. TTUISD recently did an upgrade to their Moodle.


Does UM use Moodle? If so, here is a link to the TTU page about it which possibly will help your DD.



@gingersmom - I also found your comment interesting.


GL to both of you and to your DC

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