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Just wanted to write down what we're doing this year...


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DS - 7th

English: Abeka 8th Lit, Grammar, Vocab (DVD, but not as scripted); MCT, Killgallon, WWS, Omnibus Secondary.

Math: LoF Algebra 1/LoF Geometry (this is his second time through Algebra 1), he's doing Algebra MWF and Geometry T/Th/Sat

Science: BJU Biology w/ DVD

History: World History A (K12, Human Odyssey 1, online)

Latin 1 with Wheelock's (Scholars Online)


Bible: Who Am I? (and Some Omnibus)



English: Abeka 6th Lit, Grammar, Spelling/Vocab (not as written) MCT, Killgallon, WWS, 4 Novel Studies (Progeny Press)

Math: LoF Pre-Algebra

Science: BJU Earth/Space Science (w/DVD)

History: VP Self Paced Online Explorers to 1815

Latin: 1 with Wheelock's (studying with her big brother...and doing well!)


Bible: Who Am I? (and devotions on her own)



English: FLL3/WWE3, Abeka Lit 4, Spelling/Vocab5, MCT, Killgallon, 4 Novel Studies (Progeny Press)

Math: MM5

Science: Apologia Astronomy & Zoology 1

History: VP (SPO), Explorers to 1815


Bible: Who Am I?



Phonics: Abeka 1, Letters & Sounds 1

Grammar/Comp: FLL1, WWE1


Math: MM1

Science: Lyrical Life Science

Lots of coloring...books on audio...



Letter Recognition & Sounds...

Number Recognition, Concepts & Counting...

Lots of play, games, and fun with siblings.


Thank you for letting me post :D

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... that looks pretty "squared away" to me: hurrah! Your list looks so elegant & complete.


?: what's the spelling/vocab5: Abeka?


I am a bit wistful about the history: I hear wonderful things about Veritas' online courses, but we can't use them b/c of a different worldview. I'll enjoy them vicariously through you!

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Thanks, guys. I appreciate it.


The Spelling/Vocab is Abeka. I like it because it's easy, cheap, not overwhelming, and not focused on Latin and Greek (which the kids are taking, anyhow).


As far as K12 goes, I'll let you know. We signed up for the month-to-month. I probably would have done the full year, but I didn't want to spend all of the money up-front right now.

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