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  1. I believe it's based on sitting. If you take more than one subject test on the same day, then you may choose to save all or none of the scores for the same sitting by June of that year. If you'd like to be sure, maybe give them a call? HTH.
  2. Such a wonderful news! Big congrats!!! :hurray: :hurray:
  3. He was with an online provider two years ago as a homeschooler and at a B&M school last year. I was not too concerned whether it was listed as AP or not at the time. He was younger than 9th grade. Maybe as they said in the doc, it's "guiding enrollment policy", and they recognize the "autonomy of secondary schools and districts in setting AP course participation policies". After all, schools set the standard for high school students, and they don't lower the standard just for a few younger students. Just my thoughts.
  4. I was aware of the document when DS was enrolled in AP courses prior to 9th grade, and was not sure how to interpret it. But it turned out that "AP" was listed on the transcripts.
  5. http://www.totalregistration.net/AP-Exam-Registration-Service/2015-AP-Exam-Score-Distributions.php
  6. There may be a reason VA is friendly for homeschoolers to take AP exams. According to state law (section 22.1-254.1.F): "F. School boards shall implement a plan to notify students receiving home instruction pursuant to this section and their parents of the availability of Advanced Placement (AP) and Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) examinations and the availability of financial assistance to low-income and needy students to take these examinations. School boards shall implement a plan to make these examinations available to students receiving home instruction." Wonder if there are similar laws in some other states.
  7. quark, DS is taking AoPS cal right now. For him, the workload is not as much as that of his previous AoPS courses. He estimated the time used for homework was normally between 1- 4 hrs/wk. It might have taken longer than that a couple of weeks when he got stuck on one or two problems. He also has the opportunity taking AP Cal elsewhere. Though the content is not as in-depth as AoPS cal, the workload was much heavier. I was concerned in the beginning of the year that taking both might be too much, but he didn't want to skip AoPS cal. Somehow the practice from his AP might have helped with his AoPS course. Since your DS has taken DE cal, I would think AoPS cal shouldn't take too much time for him. However, mine didn't have time to go through everything in AoPS book, so it might take more time if yours wants to use the book more thoroughly.
  8. Fantastic! Congratulations Ruth! :hurray: :hurray: :hurray:
  9. I searched up and saw two English versions available on this website (never bought from them before) Bilingual version The more expensive one (seems to be the same version as the one on Amazon, but cheaper) The bilingual version is much cheaper on Chinese book website (about US $26 plus shipping), but it seems they don't ship it outside China.
  10. Some online Chinese versions: http://ctext.org/nine-chapters/zhs On wikisource On google books
  11. Have you checked the samples from Canadian Math Kangaroo website? HTH
  12. My kid is taking it at school, where textbook and solutions are provided. I only read the first a few chapters so far, so I'm not an expert to give you advice on this. But personally I would think the book itself is enough, at least based on 4th ed. Do you have to order them together? Maybe order the textbook first to see if it's good enough?
  13. Guess it depends on the definition of solutions. The book I referred to is 9781429245593. Some of the MC type of questions have answers only, and the rest of questions (including some MC type) have decent solutions. I compared the textbook to certain chapters of the pdf version of the Solutions Manual, and the solutions are the same, except that for problems from Exercises section, only odd-numbered answers/solutions are provided in the textbook, while in the Solutions Manual, all problems have solutions. Not sure if there's a different TM that contains more detailed solutions.
  14. The fourth edition has answers or solutions to all Check Your Understanding questions, odd-numbered Exercises, all AP Review Exercises and all Practice Test problems in the back.
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