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Would it be wrong or bad in any way to just start with the fun stuff?

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We are starting school in about a week and none of us are ready for it in any way. That got me thinking.... What is we just did the "fun" stuff for a week or two before delving into math, grammar, spelling, and writing? What if we avoid the drudgery of school and have fun with science, history, art, and music for a while first? Obviously it will put us a few lessons behind in those core subjects, but we can make that up down the road. What says the Hive?

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Sure! Isn't that one of the biggest reasons to homeschool? One thing, though--Personally, I wouldn't let on or agree that certain subjects are fun, while others are drudgery. Setting up that attitude can make the whole trip one big chore.

My son's a senior this year. We've always schooled year round, and eased into subjects as it pleased.


That is a good point about the fun/drudgery topics. Do you as a veteran HS'er have any suggestions as to how to make those topics fun? Grammar, writing, spelling, and math have always been a chore for us. DS has always protested and his sister is picking up the same disdain for them even though they come much easier for her.

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I found that when I did stuff like this, my kids felt cheated when the not so fun stuff was added.


Perhaps starting with math and science, then after a day or two adding grammar and history, then spelling and art, and finally writing and music. I'd aim to have all subjects in place by the end of the second week.

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It's your school. Do whatever works best for you. :)


:iagree: Definitely!


In my school, though, we just start everything at once. I try to mix up the "fun" with the "gotta do", which gives a good balance throughout the day of heavy thinking to light enjoyment.


I agree with a previous poster that to label things as "fun" or "drudgery" can give them an automatic bad flavor - we just have "school work" and see what happens! Turns out that while math is usually the "ugh" subject, this year it is the new 1st grader's absolute favorite! Also, I started incorporating more math games, which they all look forward to.


To make math more enjoyable, I'd try math games (from something like RightStart Math), online math (we are using ALEKS as a supplement), and letting older check younger's math problems (good repetitive reminder of basic information without making it seem like actual practice).


If you find something that they enjoy doing in particular, try to lean towards those sorts of activities. If they love art, for instance, try doing some sort of art printables for things like language (we use Salsa Spanish & I print off the funny character pictures and labeled pictures for them to color while we watch the shows). If they love dress up, do a writing project where they write their own skit type story and then act it out while people follow along with reading.

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Math games do help a bit but I have yet to find anything for LA's that DS sees as anything other than torturous. He is keen to my efforts to sneak in grammar/spelling/writing, lol. I'm hoping that by expanding history and science (to include notebooking, research, etc) I may just be able to kill two birds with one stone.

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