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What is this plant?


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DS1 went into the backyard this week to find something in nature to study. He found this plant and drew it, plus I took a couple pictures. It's fairly flat to the ground and maybe 6-8" diameter. We live in Alabama, and this is in our lawn. I've seen this before, so I don't think it's anything exotic. :D I just can't figure it out by looking online. :tongue_smilie:




DS2 says it's a dangerous plant. :lol:

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How old is it? It looks pretty similar to this..


(Scotch thistle Seedling) I suppose that if you mow regularly, it might just be staying small longer.


WAIT! http://www.aces.edu/pubs/docs/A/ANR-1034/ this looks promising...


I think this might be it, a musk thistle?? It's hard to tell just from a picture.

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That musk thistle is awfully close! The leaves aren't rippled like that though. They have rounded edges.


The plant has probably been there at least a few years, but DH mows regularly, so it doesn't get above cut grass height and never gets a chance to flower.


I should go in the pasture and see if I can find a tall version of it. I know we have some kind of thistle out there.

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It looks a great deal like our thistles, too ... it's dark here, so I can't do a closer inspection right now.


Offhand, I'd say yank that baby out of the ground (wearing leather gloves, ideally; you might have to dig the roots out, they can be tenacious) and keep it far away from your yard! but your child might be sad to see it go ... or maybe your DH is a thistle-loving fellow as in the PP ...

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