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  1. I am looking at a budget of around $30 for each of mykids, but it might be more like $20. I have a large family (17ish total people to buy for) that still does Christmas morning together, and my husband is divorcing me after 14 years as a SAHM, so this will be a hard year for me. I hate it, becuase I would really love to give my people things they would really, truly be delighted with.
  2. I too, find myself uninterested in weeding through so much new content without the hover feature. Pretty pretty please bring it back?
  3. Do take the time to send her a card yourself though... The thing is, this will be a very long and VERY hard road for her, (9+ months till divorced) and most of the people she knows will move on in a few months. It's old news, people forget, and assume that she's better now than during the initial shock, but it can take MUCH longer to get to a stable place emotionally for her. I'm going through this myself right now. We separated in late July (on the advice of our counselor) he filed in October, but I've received about 6 cards during all this time mainly from 3 people, and they have meant the world to me. Interestingly, the people who were so caring & sent more than one card during the past couple months, have both been through massive trials themselves recently. (cancer/marital crisis) Another thing that was thoughtful, was being invited over to dinner with my kids, and 2 other families for dinner. That was amazing, since I live about 40 minutes away from most of my friends, and relaxed fellowship around a campfire discussing art, bible stuff & politics is rare for me. My church sent me flowers, and an anonymous fellow christian woman sent me flowers. It sounds silly to the person sending them sometimes, but it can mean the world to someone who is in this much sorrow/pain/confusion. Divorce takes a very long time. According to my atty, I should expect this to take 9 months or so, unless the man who abandoned me & our 3 children decides to work out a reasonable settlement with us out of court. This seems highly unlikely. Maybe you could put a note on the calendar to send a note in about a month as well. Do advise her to get a family law atty, even if he hasn't filed. She can usually just do a consultation without actually retaining him for a divorce, but then at least she will know what to do when/if he files or stops supporting the family.
  4. I do, but we bought it at a garage sale for less then $50. I initially thought it was a silly thing, but it is the only thing that works when my back decides to seize up. (large bOOks/xlong torso issues) I have to just sit in it for a couple hours for it to help much, but that totally beats the alternative, flat on the couch in pain for a couple days.
  5. [quote=ladydusk;4384040 DROOL!!! Love this! I always wanted to do the CM method, but got stuck with trying to figure out how to skip the Sundays and Saturdays. I think this method will be able to be altered well for that. :-D Thanks for sharing!
  6. You can call TOG and upgrade to the print/DE combo for the price of printing+ sh. You will have to wait for it to come, but it might be simpler for planning during the first year. The crucial pages in protectors is also what I am doing with DE this year, but I miss the teacher pages, and might just print them off too. :D
  7. 1. The ability to place holds for certain weeks 4-12 months in advance. (yes, it does exist in some libraries) I use TOG, and rely heavily on the library, so I am having to place holds every other week. It would be nice to get all the holds done in batches. 2. Generous teacher cards with lower fines and longer borrowing periods. 3. NO LIMIT on books per subject/series. This is one that drives me nuts, Thankfully my library doesn't enforce it if it is a hold situation, or I wouldn't be able to use TOG very well. (3 reading levels on the same topic each week means I would always be in trouble) 4. I would LOVE to see microscopes/instruments/teacher tools available for checkout, with a security deposit would be just fine.
  8. :iagree: If you can swing it go for it, if you can't you can't.
  9. I see no problem with this for younger kids, but at maybe 5-6 they should be tall enough & old enough to stand on the floor. FWIW, I attend a VERY formal, not-quite-high-liturgy church, with a LONG service. (Very formal, but not incense/robes/other languages) We don't have SS during the service, and only offer staffed nursery during the sermon. Most of the people there are more concerned with teaching the littles to participate joyfully than freaking out over feet on the seat. Obviously, if a kidlet has muddy feet, we remove the offending shoes first, but it's usually not a problem, our church has sidewalks, and we put on Sunday clean shoes before leaving for church, so the odds of actually dirtying the pew are slim, unless someone goes tramping through the landscaping before church. :-D In terms of seeing the words, we have a full liturgy printout every week. That really helps! No juggling hymnals & bulletin, just flip to the next page as we go.
  10. "Sorry for the inconvenience! The forums will be back up in a few minutes. Please bare with us! -Admin" :D Hey, at least we all laughed while waiting for the forum to reappear. :D
  11. If I could chose, I would get the split twin combo. My parents got one, and it has been a godsend. My mother has positional sleeping issues and uses the sitting up feature, and my father has diabetes, so the legs up thing is very useful when he is having circulation issues. I do prop kids up with bad coughs, and would use the sitting up thing myself since I am almost always sick all winter with a bad cough/cold. I don't know about the disturbing the other sleeper, but I imagine it would help.
  12. YEahhhh... I remember that, long, long ago, before work & marriage. Eons before children. :D
  13. Hmmm that's a great idea! I would just do one set of numbers at a time, like 6's or 7's. you could also have her read them out loud perfectly to the wall 7x each day. this works pretty wel for my ids with bible verses.
  14. Might it be http://www.worldcat.org/ ? Worldcat, how I love thy links. :001_tt1: What? Where is that book I need? Not even in my state? Despair :sad:
  15. It depends on the person, each person can have different asthma triggers/allergies. For me, it's mainly cat dander & dust/mold. I don't have any trouble around cigar or pipe smoke, and don't mind cigarette smoke outside. My mother however, is highly sensitive to both cigar & cigarette smoke, and gets wheezy even outdoors when people are smoking and she gets some of it blown her way. If the person who smokes changes their clothes and comes inside, it doesn't bother her then. You might suggest a change of clothing or overcoat (maybe smoking jacket and hat? or bathrobe shower cap?) for her husband. :D Also, going to an Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Dr. can be more helpful than the family Dr. if her case is very bad.
  16. Wait............ I've had friends try all sorts of things, and apart from membrane stripping, s&x and nip stim, nothing helps much, and those only "help" a little. Not even trampoline jumping. (Personally, I would schedule a lovely epidural assisted induction for 2.5 weeks overdue, but that's personal preference :-D) My daughter finally decided to come out a few hours before her induction was scheduled. (She was over 2 weeks past due date) :D
  17. fwiw.. sometimes "I like it long" actually means, "I like it loose & hanging down around your face." My husband wanted it long, but never seemed happy with choice of arrangement when it was long. I wanted to try a new style, and after I got it cut, he loved it, because before then I was always pulling it back or pinning it up, and after I got it cut with layers, it was too short to do that, so it was always down, framing my face. I say go for it! Or try a layer cut with bangs. :D
  18. Don't know if this is quite the same thing.... but I can't handle it when I cant find my sewing scissors or my tweezers. Seriously, I start to freak out, and can't let it go till I find them. :tongue_smilie:
  19. OK, I made the ?mistake? Of planting 3 zuch. plants in my garden this year, and also 3 summer squash plants. Guess what I had waaayyy to much of? I did this soup & froze half, and ate the other half for 2 dinners with homemade artisan bread. http://www.plantoeat.com/recipes/486247 (I used butter instead of coconut oil, and subbed summer squash for the other one listed) It sounds weird, squash & zuch in soup, but it tasted great after we "seasoned" the recipe a bit more. (I had DD anything from the garden that smelled good to her) I didn't measure the zuch, just chopped up about 2 that were 1/2 the size of yours, and a yellow summer squash that was the same size. I left the skin on both. Added: all the extra tomatoes that were hanging in the garden, about 6-8? about a cup of Leftover beef from a beef roast, about 1/2 cup pinto beans that had been soaked & simmered already, green onion, basil, and a couple nasturtium blossoms- totally edible, even leaves-... and a bit more liquid. Nummers! http://whatscookingamerica.net/squash.htm
  20. I hear ya! The best year I ever had for laundry was the year the kids were in private school. We only could afford 2 uniforms per kiddo at first, so I HAD to stay on top of the laundry, and because there was a strict dress code, everything already matched. This year, I am trying it again, The kids have 4 polos in their choice of color, Red for boys, and green for my girl. The boys already had about 3-4 pair jeans, and the girl is getting 2uniform skirts, and 2 pr uniform pants. Everything else except church clothes gets boxed up. :D I'm too broke to do the same for me, but I would like to try it.
  21. some of these calls are scammers... I got one a couple days ago that I politely told I wasn't interested, hung up. 2 minutes later she called back, was pretty nasty, and then when I asked to speak to her supervisor, was abusive & told me that I had to beg, "That's right, BEG on your knees to talk to my boss" etc. We are on the DNC register, and this was the 3rd call from the same number in the month, it's a VA loan type scam. They claimed to be from the US government during another call, and when I asked which branch, they hung up on me. After some internet googling, it looks like they are known for being particularly abusive to people including repeated calls, and the calls originate in another country. I threatened to call the police, hung up and then I made use of the lovely call block feature. If I get another harassing call, I'm going to set the handset down and walk away for at least 20 minutes. :D
  22. Have you thought about going to a custom tailor or dressmaker? It might be worth the $ to get a couple pairs of dress pants made up from scratch. Altering sounds like a hard thing to do with your situation.
  23. I use sharpies on some laminated labels, they stay on till I want them off, and then I use a bit of rubbing alcohol. :)
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