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Unique enrichment ideas outside of home?

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I cannot seem to find any secular groups in my area (suburb of Philly) for my 13 year old. And I wouldn't know how to start one, as I know very few homeschoolers (I would love to create an Odyssey of the Mind team somehow).


I was wondering what types of museums or clubs or organizations you have found that provide regular classes or opportunities for homeschoolers. I am looking for out of the box ideas - not the local ymca. Maybe some unique mentoring opportunities? I'm at a loss for my gifted child who needs more and needs to be around similar kids.


Please help if you can!

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Check around at local museums, botanical gardens, arboretums, zoos, etc. Our zoo and bg both have classes for kids, some specifically for homeschoolers, and a friend who lived near Chicago often took advantage of offerings at an arboretum up there. Also garden clubs, historical societies, rocketry clubs, SCA, etc. Often adult groups incorporate kids as well, and some may be suitable to do as a family. Start with what her interests are and go from there to explore possibilities.


Check with you public school district. In some places, extracurriculars are available to homeschoolers. Where we are, 2 of the districts run independent programs specifically for homeschoolers. DD attends one of them.

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Thank you all! I apologize for the delay in my response. You all have given me some amazing ideas. Jen, I found a coop through the yahoo group. They were full but mentioned some homeschool programs - they cost a lot of money, but they look good. Just not sure about their underlying philosophies.


I also like the internship idea. I'll be checking around for those opportunities. Never heard of Kids Corp. I'll look into that.


Thanks all for listing the various organizations. That was exactly what I needed to get started!

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