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Best automatic in-ground pool cleaner vacuum?

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The Hayward that came with the house just bit the dust (oh, the expenses! LOL) and we are looking to replace it. Best model for least amount of money...i think the Aquabot Junior has the best reviews, but man, it's pricey at $600. We're looking for the kind that attaches to the hose and moves automatically around the pool.


Any pool experts on? Particularly anyone from Florida, or a state where you basically run your pool vac 365 days a year. Thanks.


ETA: ALternatively, I was thinking we could take in our Hayward and see if we could just replace the parts that are broken.

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we have a Polaris and it has been running almost every day for 4 years :)

It's mid range price-wise.

It works wonderfully but we have had to replace small pieces as the hard plastic degrades over time. They've been cheap little things like plastic clips and such. More of a nuisance than anything else. Most pool stores replace the part for free if you buy it from them (it isn't hard to take the Polaris in the store with you).

Couldn't own a pool here without one :)

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I think ours was a Zodiac barracuda it included the leaf trap.


I ordered it online from Best Buy Pool Supply it had a lower price and a rebate on top of that. I think it shipped quickly as well.


All-in-all it was much less expensive than getting the same vac at Pinch-a-penny with a rebate.

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