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OK I've got it narrowed down...your opinion please.


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Science 5 (human anatomy) or God's Design for Life. Oh please oh please could you compare these two? Or just the pros and cons of one of them? It is my final elementary decision I have to make! Thank you!


I've done SL 5 in the past and I've used a God's Design for Life book, although it wasn't the one for the human body.

Between the 2, I would choose SL 5 because the God's Design book was drrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

I did not like it at ALL and I will never do one of those books again. Otter wasn't too thrilled with it either. He didn't dislike it, but compared to all the other books we were using that were actually fun, he wouldn't have missed it if I left it out.


My kids did learn a lot from SL 5, but I personally didn't like some of the books/materials.

I also didn't like the tacked on unit about word processing. Um...that's science???

These are the books I didn't care for:


Usborne Young Scientist - There are so many better illustrated and photographed books out there now. I don't know why this one wasn't dropped years ago.


An Usborne Guide to Rocks and Fossils - Another yawner.


The History of Medicine - Although I found some of the information interesting, it didn't capture my kids's attention all that much and they didn't retain it.


It was YEARS ago that I did SL 5. Gosh, maybe 6 years ago?

This time around, when I wanted to do that subject again with Otter and at a higher level for Bear (human anatomy) I went and made my own curriculum. You can check it out in my sig. :001_smile:

I wanted more colorful and fun books and more optional activities with websites and movies.


Still, if I had to choose between the 2 you are looking at, I would say SL by far. There will be more variety and activities. The God's design books are very textbooky, not colorful and have boring activities (fill out this sheet, etc.).

That's just my personal opinion though! :D

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I have only used the God's Design books, and as the previous poster said, I agree that they were very dry. I also felt they were very sketchy, or something, and I had to add to them to make them complete enough for us. Some people love them though.

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Yes, I was referring to Sonlight Science for grade 5 which is mostly on the human body, although like the pp mentioned, there is this strange diversion to word processing. I think some of the books have changed this year. These are the books that are now used:The Boy's Body book, Almost 12, Food & Nutrition for every kid, Improve your survival skills, Dry Bones, The Human Body, The History of Medicine, Blood & Guts, Intro to Word Processing, and Usborne internet linked Complete Book of the Human Body. I have never used Sonlight before and, actually, have never used a "package" like this before. The thing that appealed to me about God's Design was that it seemed more simple and something I could add to rather than spending $150 (120 if I order from Rainbow except the IG.) But if the SL program is really great then I can do this. I just don't want to end up not using it.


I will definitely go to the blog and look at what has worked. I was hoping that God's Design was my answer but I definitely don't want dry and boring. And I'm not real good at knowing how to "spice" like some people are. Thank you for the help.

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I used the three volume God's Design for Life series this past year with my 5th and 1st graders. It worked well for my 5th grader (we didn't find it dry) but it was over the head of my 1st grader, so we added some simpler, and more colorful books for him.


You can see sample pages for God's Design at the following web site: www.rdeducation.com

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