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Error-filled David Barton book pulled from publication

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This is actually a very interesting test case for those who have bought in to Barton's historiography, methodology, and conclusions. Do we care about the truth, or do the conclusions we want to hear justify the means used to obtain them
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I think I saw an interview with him discussing this book. Not a clear memory, could be someone else discussing this book. :tongue_smilie:


I remember at the time thinking he was pushing quite an agenda and that I doubted the book would be a unbiased look at history.


I am really glad to know that the publisher is principled enough to remove the book.

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Apparently David Barton calls himself a History Reclamationist. hmmm that does sound suspicious.


My dd21 is a history and music major, her main history interest is Historiography. The study of the study of history. She says all history is revisionist, since even the people writing the source documents are limited to their own perceptions of what happened. Even taking out consideration of popular opinion or pleasing a patron, they can not be completely neutral in the middle of events. :001_smile:

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