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Eww.. a rash! What is this?

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I think I have hives and I think they must be from stress. The only other possibility I can think of is an allergic reaction but I haven't had anything out of the ordinary lately. The newest medication I have does warn of a rash as a serious side effect but I've been on this medication since June 12th. Would it take that long for me to have this side effect?


The rash is mostly on my sides up by my arms and around my back a bit. It's also on my chest and small patches on the flabby parts (yeah yeah yeah) of my upper arms. Parts of it itch but it looks worse than it feels.


Is there a way to tell the difference between an allergic rash or a stress hives? It came up suddenly last evening around 8pm.

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I don't think there is any way to tell the difference. Zyrtec is my med of choice when mine act up.


Thanks, DH made me take a Benadryl and call the advice nurse. I don't know how I'm going to explain this on the phone. :tongue_smilie: I have Kaiser and they do have an urgent care program for evenings and weekends. I just don't want to spend my Friday night in a waiting room. Ugh.

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Well, a quick trip to after hours care and the doctor thinks it's stress related and suggested I avoid any exposure to triggers. :laugh: I got a shot of something called Medrol I think, and a prescription for Prednisone.


Stress related. Oy.

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