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Pumpkin Seed Allergy?

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My littlest DD has had allergy testing before (basic, nothing elaborate) and has no allergies. She loves eating seeds, mostly sunflower seeds and I bought pumpkin seeds for her at the store (just the seeds, no shell).


She was eating them yesterday when she complained about her tongue hurting. I asked her if it was the salt on them and she said no, her tongue felt funny and hurt. I told her to quit eating the pumpkin seeds and after a couple of hours she felt better.


Tonight, she was eating them again and said her lips felt tingly and hurt. She had only eaten a few so I told her to quit eating them again. After about 30 minutes she felt better.


(I've told her to quit eating them completely by the way).


Could it be pumpkin seeds or maybe something else? Does this sound like an allergy? The only ingredients are pumpkin seeds and salt.

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I'd want an epi pen. That said, oral allergy syndrome is a possibility. I'm pretty sure pumpkin seed is in one of the OAS families. Those can cause tingling and etc. too.


edited to add: I checked and it is listed as an OAS trigger--birch pollen. http://www.aanma.org/2009/02/oral-allergy-syndrome/


An allergist can test pumpkin and help you sort it out.

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