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S/O deoderant....is there any natural deoderant/antiperspirant that works well?

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I have tried about four of them with dd12-some work for stink (although she doesn't have much smell) but not for wetness. So we need a natural one for both smell and wetness. Ds9 is needs it now too (mainly just in summer, I think).


We tried just baking soda, and that didn't work either.


With them both being young, I'd like to stick to something natural, if possible.

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My husband and I both switched to a crystal one pretty recently and I am quite impressed with how well it works! My daughter already uses a natural deodorant I ordered from CJ's but it's been discontinued, so when she's out of her current stick, I plan to start buying the crystal for her, too. (And my older dd who is with her dad for the summer).

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We tried the crystal one that is a spray and it was ok for smell but not wetness. Does the solid rock work better on wetness?


WHY can't they have a natural one that works for wetness? Agh! The latest one we tried was one with a French name (Le Stick?) that had clay in it; we hoped that would help w/ wetness but it did not.

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I've made the recipe here: http://howaboutorange.blogspot.com/2010/04/how-to-make-your-own-deodorant.html


I didn't have arrowroot powder, but it's just starch, so I used cornstarch instead. I added 8 drops clary sage, 8 drops lavender, and 2 drops each bergamot, jasmine, & lemongrass oils to make this smell a lot like the baby powder scent I usually buy. I suppose you could just use scented baby powder if you didn't have a bunch of essential oils on hand. You should NOT use lavender on boys anyway, as it's an estrogen and can make them develop breasts. Just because something is natural doesn't mean it's safe.


I emptied out 2 old containers I don't like but hadn't gotten around to going through the drawer to toss them yet. One batch completely filled the larger container.


It worked better than any commercial deodorant I've tried, but I stopped using it after a while because I started getting a red, slightly itchy rash. I didn't have it tested, but from my nursing days it was starting to look like a yeast infection in my underarms. I started wiping my underarms with vinegar and switched back to a commercial antipersperant.

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