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Speed Queen washer and dryer questions

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I posted last week about needing a new FL washer, but can't find a single one with good user reviews anymore. Most people that like theirs have had them awhile. So please forgive another post. I desperately need to buy a new washer and dryer before we move into our house next week. I'm going tomorrow to look at them I hope.


I've been reading that a lot of you love your Speed Queens which I had never even heard of before. Is the capacity enough? It seems smaller than what I was looking at, though I was looking at FLs and not TLs. Can you wash a set of king size sheets in it? Or a queen comforter?


I had avoided top loaders previously because of the agitators in the middle- is your washer gentle on your clothes? and the stains really come out? That will be so nice! My old washer still left tons of stains.


Do you also have and recommend your Speed Queen dryer? Or would you buy another dryer instead?


What do you like/not like about your SQ washer and dryer? I haven't even started to research dryers yet- do I need to? I usually dry our stuff on delicate so it doesn't shrink, but maybe I'm missing something...?



Thanks again!

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I love my SQ washer--don't have the dryer. Yes, I can fit a set of king sheets (and two extra cases) in it. I also wash 5 large bath towels at once and put in a few washcloths or hand towels, too. I feel like I just keep throwing clothes in and it never gets full, but my previous washer was won in a grocery store drawing so it was likely the tiniest ever made! ;)


Dh says the top loading SQs are all the same capacity, so you could find out the specifics on their website.


I've not noticed it being hard on clothes. As far as stains, I pretty much get out stains before washing. I'd think the detergent would be more of an issue than the machine, though.


I'd buy an SQ dryer in a heartbeat!



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I've only had my Speed Queen washer and dryer a week, so take my comments with a grain of salt. So far, I love them. The salesman told me that the washer isn't big enough for a king size comforter, which is fine with me as we have a queen size bed. I haven't tried washing my queen quilt yet, but I'm sure it will fit. It does a great job cleaning the clothes. They come out smelling very fresh and clean, unlike my old front loader where I often had to rewash clothes. The washer spins the clothes really well, too, and the dryer is fast. The washer cycles are a LOT faster than my old front loader too, which I love. I can get a lot more laundry done in a day. I'm very pleased so far. Speed Queens have a longer warranty on them than most other brands too.

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