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Italy in September

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lots of history in rome. she's a classics major so she went with a school group led by her favorite prof for three weeks. dd's favorite place was herculaneum. she loved the cheese. she's also excited to be going back for two weeks in october.

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I have a great suggestion, that you take me along with you!:lol:


Italy in September sounds wonderful! Enjoy!:)


:iagree: :D


On a more realistic note, if you have the time, take the overnight ferry from Naples to Catania, Sicily and spend a couple of days touring the island. While in Catania, visit a pizzeria and have an Arancini for me. :drool5: On the island of Sicily, there's also Taormina (one of the more famous touristy spots), Palermo, Caltegirone (most beautiful handmade ceramics), Siracusa - which has a little Papyrus Museum that has a replica of the Rosetta Stone, and then there's my most favorite, favorite place in the whole world - Agrigento! Roman temples everywhere on the top of a hillside that overlooks the Mediterranean. :001_wub:

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There are of course all the standards but one of the more off the beaten track things we did when we were in Italy a few years ago was to go to Vinci and see the home of daVinci and the museum in the castle. We loved it and still talk about it. Something about seeing where such a person grew up. Seeing the trees he might have seen, walking the roads he mights have walked was just magical. If I remember correctly it was on the way between Florence and Pisa.

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