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  1. Is Oak Meadow always this slow when fulfilling orders? I placed an order on the 4th. The next day they charged my card. Last week I received an email from them stating that orders were being filled and shipped within 7-10 days. Okay fine. Does that mean 7-10 BUSINESS days or just 7-10 days? I'm curious because according to my account online, my order is still being processed and hasn't shipped. I know that this time of year is busy. Maybe I'm just impatient to get the new stuff. :D Maybe I'm feeling huffy because I was erroneously charged over $300 by another company and I still haven't received something that I ordered from someone almost a month ago. :glare:
  2. I'm still waiting for the shipping notice on my RR order and I placed it over a week ago. I did get an email telling me something was on backorder but that's all I've received. :glare:
  3. I can't help with the syllabi and such, but, I have discovered the best way to see inside texts is either through the publisher website, or through http://www.coursesmart.com :)
  4. What about Consumer Math or a financial literacy course? My oldest will be doing that as an elective and my youngest will do it as a Math class.
  5. Apparently, these are the hooligans that placed a FULL teapot on the top of the fridge where the door meets the edge. :toetap05: They are also cleaning up the mini-lake in my kitchen that resulted from said teapot falling off the fridge. At least it was the metal teapot and not the porcelain teapot. :glare:
  6. :bigear::bigear: :grouphug::grouphug: I have no answer for you, but I'll definitely be following this thread as my family keeps threatening an intervention because of my books. They say I have too many, I say there's no such thing. Meh. :D
  7. My MIL used to be like that. Then one day after DH and I had been married about five years and she was visiting - she rearranged my kitchen. I'm one of those people where it takes me a couple of weeks to figure out where I want stuff in the kitchen. And it STAYS in that place unless I move it. When I got back from shopping and discovered MIL had rearranged the kitchen, I was fuming. I grabbed her by the hand, walked her out the front door to the porch. Shut the screen door in her face and told her when she remembered whose house she was at and could respect said persons and how they choose to do things, she could come back in but NOT a minute sooner. Then I shut and locked the front door. Took her about five minutes to apologize and the last thirteen years have been much less stressful when they're visiting! :D
  8. I placed an order with them towards the end of last week and I haven't even received an email confirmation for the order. I checked on the order using the account I created to place the order but it doesn't say what the status of the order is at the moment. I also checked to make sure the email address was correct and it is. Is this normal for them?
  9. At least it wasn't an email that's going to hang around long after you're dead. We've been having an issue with mold in our base housing unit. Because of the lack of response from housing around the issue that's causing the mold, when we got black mold on our vents, I took a picture and texted it to DH. Along with the picture, I put a message that said I was tired of housing messing around and I'm getting ready to open a can of whoop a** on them and he may want to give his command a heads up. So, he sent the picture to his Chief, but he forgot to edit out my comments. :glare: His Chief then sent the picture and comments on to the command CO. :blushing:
  10. I'm the lone female in a house full of males. How could I not suffer from PMS? :D
  11. All I really know is that Fargo is literally just a few minutes drive away from my best friend in Moorhead, MN! :D When I went to visit her one October it was snowing. And cold. And snowing. And cold. Did I mention it was cold? Oh - and they were just starting to harvest the sugar beets. We got to play "Dodge the beet" while driving behind one of the transport trucks. :lol: They also have wild turkeys. And flatland and lots of wind. But property prices are pretty cheap. Oh, and it's cold. :D
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