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Metal sliver in fingernail?

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Ok.... yesterday I zipped up my pants and felt a pain in my finger. I looked at it and there was a small sliver of metal in my nail. Somehow my zipper gave me a sliver. I went through my nail. It is exactly like a wood sliver just metal and in my fingernail.


I can't get it out as there is nothing to grab. However it is really tender. I don't know that it is infected (at least not yet) as it isn't red or really swollen (there might be slight swelling but to be honest I never really noticed if my right finger was ever slightly bigger than my left!). Just tender when I press it or hit it by putting my hand in my pocket.


It is near where my nail grows out but it will still take about 2 weeks for it go grow out.


Any suggestions?

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I would try putting a drop of tea tree oil (it is an antiinfective, but any oil will do) on a bandaid and put it over the nail for the night. I wonder if the oil will help to lubricate the bit and allow it to break free. In the morning I would shower and then soak you finger in hot water for a while. This may get the bit to start to raise up enough that you can grab ahold of it. If you have a magnet, you might see if it will pull it a bit if you can get it to loosen.

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