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Paypal Question

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I have a quick Paypal question but can't find the answer in the Help section or my brain isn't processing it.

I just sent a payment for something I purchased. I selected "Goods", hit the "Continue" button and received a note that said that payment was made. I used to get a page where it asked me whether I wish to pay by credit card, direct transfer and such. This time no such thing.

The receipt I got says a direct payment from my bank account was made but the recipient was charged fees which I thought were due only if payment was made with a credit card.

What was I doing wrong? Do I need to select "personal" rather than purchase or do I have a flaw in the set-up? My account profile says bank account is default method with credit card as a back-up (and yes, there is enough money in the account).

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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The rules changed a few years ago. Recipients that weren't a business used to not get fees for bank funded payments, but they also initially couldn't accept credit cards or only a certain number a month or something. Now anyone can get any variety, and every recipient is charged fees for purchases. In other words, the rules changed. Hope that helps.

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