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  1. We too, will be spending Christmas away from home. We'll be there for the whole month of December though. I will probably bring a few decorations for the tree. I think we'll get a small, live tree. Stockings, my kids are 12 and under. I may have my kids make decorations for the tree. I recommend making meals ahead of time and freezing them if you have the time. The house you'll be staying in may not have cooking supplies your use to. I haven't put much thought into all the logistics of Christmas away from home, but as I get my plan together I'll update and look forward to all the great advise given.
  2. Decorate cupcakes, design a t-shirt ( get Hanes white t-shirts and fabric markers). We just did those for my sons 12th birthday.
  3. I don't know too much about long term car rental, but we always rent through rental car momma. We find the most affordable prices going through them.
  4. Landlords don't have that kind of authority. How can they "make" the other property owner do anything? While it's an unfortunate situation, it's not the landlords responsibility. In our city their is a neighborhood nuisance line, once a complaint is filed, the owner is notified then has a number of days to comply. If it's not taking care of the city cleans it up then bills that owner heavily.
  5. My oldest starts his co-op Monday, which is all encompassing for his school work. Since he will be having to school all week, I decided to just go ahead and start the younger two. I'm not totally prepared physically or mentally to dive in full force, so we'll just do a few subjects this week and build from there. In the past we started school after Labor Day, but in recent years the co-ops we were involved in started earlier. That prompted us to start earlier too, however, I think this Monday is too early. My son has been looking forward to this program so here we go! Hugs to you!
  6. I am about 5 miles from there but I don't think the family have been identified. Sad.
  7. We just finished listening to Hatchet. It does mention divorce. It definitely held our attention. It's about a boy that survived a plane crash in the Canadian wilderness and has to provide for himself until... I shouldn't give it all away.
  8. Looks interesting, but is not cheaper. The VP self pace course with books is 100 cheaper.
  9. Thank you. Thats a good idea, I'll have to look at their online school.
  10. Tonight is the last night for the sale. I'm hoping they will do it again.
  11. Thank you. I read it had writing, but wasn't sure about the instruction.
  12. I have been contemplating having my son participate in this course instead of Classical Conversations Challenge A. ( I love CC, having a hard time finding a community my whole family can join). I know it's history, theology and literature. What else do you add to your coursework? How have you liked Omnibus?
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