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Heavy decluttering: I need some words of inspiration for making the hard decisions

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I have been trying to par down what we own - we bought a very large desk several years ago and it just accumulated stuff. When I would "clean it" the pile of random stuff would just end up back on the desk. It was a "clutter hog" I firmly believe you have to find a space for everything -- boxes, shelves, organizers, etc. I have been trying to 'live' by the motto: "Live Simply" -- I do not want to be defined by STUFF.


A lot of my clutter is toys and clothing. My mom buys my kids too much of both. She spends too much money on them for me to just throw them out, so I either sell them online or take them to a consignment shop where I can get cash or store credit.


We have too much clothing for our family of 4 - I am going to go through all the kids clothing and figure out how many of x they actually need, and then get rid of the rest. I just got rid of a garbage bag of clothing from my room, but I have three totes of clothing the kids have grown out of, and another box that I just weeded out of their dresser. We went through some of the toys last week, too.


I am on vacation for two weeks, but when I get home it's back to decluttering. My goal is to be finished by end of August....

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Don't do it while your kids are gone. These are skills they need, too. Do it with them when they get back.


:iagree: I really like this sentiment. Decluttering is a family affair. Use this time without the kids around to get a real handle on your room, your kitchen, your workspace, etc. Then, when they come back they can see how awesome it looks. Then, together, you help them tackle their spaces. With DS7 that usually means I sit on the floor and he helps me make the piles and decide where to put the stuff we are keeping. With DD11 we can each work at the same time on separate sections of her room. I now catch her now and then re-organizing a space in her room. Does a mom's heart good!


I would also say that it is a "process" and not a one time event. It wasn't until the third declutter of my son's room that I really felt we got down to the true basics. It took two previous trip through to strip off the top layer!!

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I'm glad the thread inspired others. jrn, great job!!! Did anyone else make progress today?



I didn't want to hijack your thread (and stop all of the great idea sharing) so I started another one for progress reports. Take a look at everyone you have inspired!

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