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Toys and costumes to go with SOTW1


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We've been listening to SOTW in the car and my kids have been play-acting the scenes they're hearing.


Their bunk bed became Cheops' burial chamber. They found "so much treasure!" (Legos) and the mummy (a doll that they put in a pillow case.)


A blue blanket was pulled down the hallway and a basket with a baby doll inside became baby Sargon found in the river. DD had on her princess dress-up dress, since Sargon was raised in the king's palace. :lol:


Lego guys became Greek bull jumpers with a toy cow from the farm set.


It's been so fun to see them playing what they're hearing, which I think reinforces the themes and stories. I ordered the Playmobil Egyptian set that's on clearance.


I thought I'd add some costumes, too. Any suggestions of things to put in their costume box to encourage even more historical play?

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The Lego Minotaurus game was a huge hit here. As were Egyptian death masks (bought at a museum). The Playmobil Egyptian and Roman sets too. We made our own Olympic wreaths from fake ivy and flower wire, then used pillowcases with holes cut in them and twine.


Search for the Roman bath idea by farrarwilliams. That was the favorite activity of the year from SOTW 1 and they ask to do it again all the time.

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