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I thought I was getting rid of medical specialists... (bummed)

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My ds with special needs had a lot of trouble in school this year. Unlike my older 2, he's always gone to school and it's been good until now. I've always supplemented too. A lot of pretty bad things happened and ds is really a different person now (very anxious, hates school, won't work with me on "school like" stuff, ...). Ds will not be returning to his current school in the fall.


Anyway, because of the increased anxiety I took him to appointments with a couple of specialists. I've now been referred to see three more docs. There's stuff to do, but no horrible dread looms. It's just more heavy plugging away at finding answers to move in the right direction. It's so draining.


there was time when each of my 3 children had their own list of med specialists they had to see regularly. They finally started to "get well". I've been getting used to being "released from practice." It's fun to be released from practiced, because you get to think your dc is getting well.


I'm just bummed to step back on this train again. Thanks for listening.

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