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Trying to figure out SPELLING??!

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I really don't know why I'm struggling with choosing spelling for my dd's.

I think I've decided to use Megawords for my 7th grader....


For my 4th grade dd I was planning to use AAS3....AAS1 we breezed through in 3rd grade and then followed with AAS2. She dreaded doing it. She does remember the rules but doesn't apply them to her everyday writing. I worry about her spelling. So, I've got options....here are some suggestions I was thinking:


1. Go ahead and use AAS3....also use http://www.zaner-bloser.com/media/zb/zaner-bloser/spellingconnections/english4.html this list of 4th grade spelling words to plug into Spelling City. She does like Spelling City. We've been reviewing words from 3rd grade and plugging them into Spelling City for practice.


2. Just use AAS3....plugging the words into Spelling City that we worked on that day for added practice. (She really has no problem with the AAS words so far though but Level 1 & 2 are pretty simple) When finished with AAS3 move on to phonetic zoo a.


3. OR (good grief) Bite the bullet and just go with phonetic zoo a. At the end of May we took the placement test. Can't remember how many she missed but it was enough to say the suggestion was to stick with AAS3.


Can anyone help me narrow this down and clear my head a lil'?

Much appreciated!


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If you would rather do Phonetic Zoo, I would take the placement test again. IEW suggests moving to PZA after AAS 3 so I would be sure she was at that level first.


We are considering a switch to PZ, but are planning to finish at least AAS 3 and maybe 4 first.

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If she didn't dread doing it, I would say stick with AAS. I think Phonetic Zoo works best with auditory learners (at least I will be using it with my auditory learner so will find out this year). You might also want to look into How to Teach Spelling which uses the same Orton-Gillingham approach, but is more workbook oriented.


Applying spelling to writing that with time. When they are learning to write, it takes a different function of the brain to remember her spelling rules. I know Andrew Pudewa recommends to just concentrate on writing and then go back 5 minutes - a day later and have them find and correct their misspelled words.

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I dreaded AAS. Now that I've tried AAS, SWR, SWS&V, and Megawords, I finally landed on Spelling Power and me as the teacher. In SP the child only concentrates on the words they don't know how to spell. It spirals. It teaches one rule at a time, but I am teacher know all the others and bring them up verbally as needed. (I have been told people here sometimes don't like SP because it doesn't "teach the rules". It has a rule at the top of each page, but doesn't dwell on it. This give me the opportunity to bring up any rule that is needed at the time without it interfering with the flow of a much more "programed" lesson, e.g. AAS.) Kiddo is SO much happier and writing more freely because his spelling has improved.


When I started out, I used the rule list from SWR, right by my elbow. Now I've read, outlined, and set to heart ULOE rules (a very concise book), and he and I are "at the best" we have been at with spelling and spelling instruction. I'm glad I didn't give up looking for something new when dread and misery kept hounding us through various programs.


I reviewed SP in depth on Amazon under the 3rd edition under the name Kalanamak.



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