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? about using a basement (storage/furniture)

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We're moving into a home that is close to 1000 SF upstairs and the same SF in a walk out unfinished basement. We plan to "finish" that basement into living space but we won't be doing that immediately. We're moving from a home of 1700 SF.


As I think about moving I'm getting nervous about fitting all of our furniture upstairs. In fact, I'm sure I can't.


We live in a high humidity area. The basement is dry-no water infiltration at all. It does have air registers. If I run dehumidifiers down there will I regret putting furniture in the basement? Upholstered like a couch and chair? What about furniture like bookshelves? Books down there would be bad? Would this stuff pick up mold spores or something else bad? I could leave them covered.

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It should be fine imo. Dh's parents don't even run a dehumidifier in theirs it is used the same as their living space, never any issue. We are just now finishing ours but we've had furniture in it off and on for the last almost 13 yrs without issue. This year is the first year we've used a dehumidifier, due to finishing work increasing the humidity.

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