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I think I must constantly be distracted

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I read your post several times and saw nothing wrong. When I saw Night Elf's :lol::lol: I was :confused::confused:


Ok, finally got it.


Last week I needed to do a HUGE shop. We were out of so many things that I had to make a run to several different stores. Thankfully those errand days only happen 2 - 3 times per year. The kids, dh and I added stuff to the list for days. I keep all my lists on my brain, I mean Ipad, ;) and I just remove the items as I get them. I once ran into a business man who saw my Ipad and exclaimed, " I forgot mine at home! I am LOST without it!!!". Well....... I got to the store, opened my cool purse I bought just so my Ipad would fit in it, then immediately felt awful. I forgot my Ipad at home. :banghead: Technology being what it is, I called dh (he works from home two days per week) and had him email it. I used my Droid and the day was saved.:lol::lol:


I'm curious, how much does hand writing go for these days?

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