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Filing affadavit in CA before taking kids out of PS midyear

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Any CA homeschoolers can advise?


I am anticipating that I will take my kids out of PS next spring. Should I go ahead and file the affadavit for my "private school" in the october window?


will there be a problem if I have an affadavit on file but my kids are still in PS?


sorry for not spelling affadavit right! I promise I wont be that bad as a teacher.



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File when you remove them from the ps. While the window for filing for existing schools (including home schools) is in the fall, you can file any time during the year. You can file just before you take your dc out of school. It is not a good idea for your dc to be enrolled in two different schools concurrently. Filing the affidavit early would result in that scenario.

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