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Adoptive moms......

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Thanks! :001_smile:


Eta: I'm not seeing the free copy. When I try to oprn the June issue, it just takes me to the screen to subscribe.


I am on my Ipad so I don't have a full screen view. When I was on the home page there were four boxes. The bottom two were the magazines. I clicked on the top box above the adoption magazine and that's when it loaded. I don't know what the top box will show on your screen, mine only showed a blue question mark.

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Listen To The Children is excellent. I know some parents have a hard time when their adopted kids grieve their bio parents, but really, it is normal and healthy. Dd and I have talked about her bio mom A LOT and she is mostly healed from that pain now. She used to grieve her birth mom daily and spoke of it daily since she learned to talk.

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