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Does anybody know if a child completes Singapore Math 5B is ready for Chalkdust's Basic Math or is he ready for their Prealgebra? I am trying to find out without taking the assessment test. We are in the middle of Singapore 6A and are considering Chalkdust since my ds liked what he saw. Thanks.

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All I can say is, for us, going through a pre-Algebra course would have been beneficial. My dd finished 6B in early spring. (7th gr/13yo) We tried one Algebra program, and I quickly realized she needed to cover some pre-Algebra topics, like negative #'s, etc. After using the pre-Algebra sections in Lial's BCM, I again attempted Algebra. I just don't think she was ready for full-fledged Algebra, even though I felt that Singapore did an excellent job of teaching her thinking skills in math. I think it was a maturity issue.


If I had it to do all over again, I would have gone right into a standard pre-Algebra program. This is just our experience, so your dc might be different.

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My ds tested into Chalkdust Pre-Algebra after completing *most* of Saxon 7/6. He was quite young, so Prof. Mosely suggested the Basic Math. I ordered it, but then rejected it b/c I felt it had too much review. We plowed on with Pre-Algebra. It was a challenging year, but my ds really did quite well. All of things covered in Basic Math are revisted in Pre-Algebra, but at a quicker pace, so that more Pre-Algebra-type topics can be studied. Given the reputation of Singapore's rigor, I vote Pre-Algebra.


We love Chalkdust.



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