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My son and I had the same dream last night.

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I started telling my kids about my strange dream last night. I was offered 70 million to shave my head. :lol: DS interrupts and says, I had dreamt that Aunt ______'s arm was taken over by staph. I gasped because that happened

in my dream, too.


My sister is battling a chronic staph infection. She has a spot on one finger and the knuckles are covered on the other hand. In my son's dream the scab had was covering her whole arm and in my dream, her whole arm was swollen.


So weird. I wonder if I should call my sister?:001_unsure:

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I might call but I would probably chalk the dreams up to a not so remakable coincidence. They probably just reflect that this worry has been on both your minds.



:iagree: Sometimes dreams are from the Lord, and sometimes dreams are just our brains still worrying while we're alseep.

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