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Science Curriculum for 5th and 3rd Grade?


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I need some ideas for Science, please! We've not done much formal science yet with my older 2, who will be 10 and 8 in the spring and going into 5th and 3rd grades in the fall. We've done lots of reading, studying, projects, science videos, experiments, and hands on stuff (sprouting seeds, planting a huge vegetable garden, hatching and raising chicks, etc) as well as lessons from "Considering God's Creation" by Eagles Wings. I'd like something that is not too scripted, I don't think Apologia is my style, nor SOS. I do not want something that is textbooky approach with simply filling in the workbook answers, like BJU or Abeka. It has to be engaging and interesting, creation based, and I really need something that is not too parent involved. I'd also love to be able to combine my ds and dd as much as possible.


A couple that have piqued my interest are RSO and AHA Science. RSO appears very interesting and engaging with lots of real life application but the hands on seems pretty easy. I would order the books printed, is it for daily science? I was thinking of combining the 2 so that they may do science solo with Aha if I'm not able to do RSO that day. I may have to start a separate thread on the Aha...


Any other suggestions would be appreciated! Thank you! :001_smile:

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A couple that have piqued my interest are RSO and AHA Science. R


We have done Aha!Science for one week now and we are getting our $15 worth already. :)


I set up my dds' accounts and loaded them up w/ videos and quizes. They love it! If they don't do well on a quiz they simply go back and watch the video again.


It's a wonderful supplement to any science program, imho.

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Depending on how much rigor (and organization) you are looking for, you might enjoy getting on Dr Robert Krampf's email list (http://thehappyscientist.com/) Around once ever 1-2 weeks he sends out an email with a link to a new experiment on his web site. These are free, but if you subscribe you can get access to more.


Each experiment comes with a short but helpful explanation of why it worked the way it did. My ds15 when he was 8-10 enjoyed these. It's a grab bag of topics so if you are looking for something that walks you through science step by step, this won't be it.

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