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Which level of Dancing Bears to order?

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My son will be 9 next month. He can read some Bob Books with help. He has been doing much better this year doing Explode the Code Online. But, it is still taking months to get through that first online book. I want to give Dancing Bears a try. What should I purchase? We love all things British and the whole shocking story line is up our alley:lol:


And, yes we have done therapy and extensive hearing/vision stuff.

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Check out the placement tests on line. Besides Dancing Bears there is Bearing Away and Bear Necessities that move slower. If in doubt, contact Hilsie (the author) directly and ask for help. She is very good at helping you decide.


I just love their spelling programs and we did Dancing Bears as well.

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Unless I'm missing it somewhere there aren't really placement tests for Dancing Bears. There is one for Apples and Pears Spelling though. I've also been looking into Dancing Bears. Here at this link if you click on Where to start with Reading it will give some starting points on where to start with your son. For a 9 year old I would look at Fast Track which you will see at the link I gave you after you click on where to start. He may or may not be ready for Fast Track. Depends on where your son places for what you buy. I'm looking into this myself.


Hope that helps!

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For Fast track, they say:


If a pupil can read;

Our teacher is waiting for us in the hallwithout making any errors, start with Fast Track.


I would say that if your son is struggling with the BOB books at 9 then Dancing Bears 1 or even Bear Necessities might be a better fit.


If you click on Dancing Bears you can see the entire program in a PDF. Scroll to the very end and see if your son can read the master test at the end of the book. If not, start there. If looking at the book it seems to move too fast, then look at Bear Necessities. I would rather have a child find the material easy and be able to work through it without a lot of struggle than to place them too advanced and have them really struggle. Again, if in doubt, email Hilsie at sales@soundfoundationsbooks.co.uk and ask for more help.

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