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  1. Just wanted to let everyone know that the Homeschool Buyers Co-op has Youth Digital on sale through 8/14 at 11;59 p.m. Pacific. It's currently at 45% off for Minecraft Mod Design 1 so it's a great deal.
  2. My favorite is Nancy Larson Science for the 1, 3, 5. It comes with EVERYTHING you need to do the experiments and it's the only science curriculum I've ever fully completed. I'm no real help for the 8th grader. Exploration Education Science is really good for that age though.
  3. I am looking for a hands on resource or lesson plans for teaching world geo to a group of 3rd to 5th graders at our co-op. I briefly thought of Galloping the Globe but I don't know if there are other options out there right off. We would have a total of 24 classes at about 50 minutes for each class. Any ideas?
  4. amyc78 if you don't mind your son working on the computer you could download Timez Attack. They have a free version and a paid version. It's a game like program where they practice their math facts. We have used the free version and it's perfectly sufficient.
  5. Can you explain to me how they teach adding with carrying and subtraction with borrowing? I want to switch to RS for this coming year and I'm just curious how they teach kids to do those things. Also fractions. Long time users do you feel the way they teach fractions is easier to understand than some other methods etc.? Thanks!
  6. Attached mama the I See Sam readers look like good options for my son. Did you buy them or get them free by emailing like it says to do? I'm going to have to find some appropriate reading for my older son who is still going through AAR. I'm also going to look at the High Noon readers and others listed here.
  7. Yes! We've had a hard year and we got in a serious rut and now I'm paying for it. But just last week I changed things up and it went very well. We are both night owls and well, that just doesn't work for us anymore. We've been running around all :willy_nilly: . No more though.
  8. Merry I know he could probably read level 2 words but I'm scared to jump him to 3. I feel like there are so many more skills learned than just learning to read the words with each level. We are doing a lesson a day and in reality right now we are doing 2 because he learns a phonogram then next lesson reads the story in the reader. He can handle doing 2 lessons that way. We continue to do all review of course. His reading is still a bit choppy but the readers help a great deal with that. I don't know why. I guess it's been because I let him read it to himself first and then I will read it after he does. He usually reads it again with more feeling. My brain can't come up with the right words to describe what I mean. I hope that makes sense. As much as I would like to get it done more quickly I can't seem to get peace about leaving AAR. It works AND my son has loved it. Why mess with something that ain't broke LOL.
  9. So I am a huge fan of AAR but this last year I've not been able to get as many lessons done with my son and he's "behind" a tad bit. We are just 4 short days from finishing AAR 1 and my son already reads way beyond that level. I was going to go ahead and buy AAR 2 but somehow I got onto LOE's website yesterday and I've got to say I'm completely intrigued with it for a few reasons. 1) I can complete LOE much quicker than I can finish the next 3 levels of AAR. My son has JUST turned 9 and has no learning disabilities. I just need to get a ful phonics program done with him and I want a primarily OG based program. 2) I've not found grammar that I'm fond of yet. LOE includes it along with vocabulary and composition. 3) Overall the cost would be much less to do LOE instead of AAR. More money up front but around $250 cheaper than doing all 4 levels of AAR and AAS. For those of you that have used AAR/AAS (we would start AAS as soon as we finish AAR 1) and LOE can you compare where the major differences are and what I would need to consider with a switch? Also please share how long your lessons take with LOE. I would be using a 16 week schedule as a frame work and of course taking longer on a lesson if needed. My son will technically be in 4th grade next year and it would be wonderful to be able to start him out at his right reading and spelling level hence the consideration to go to LOE vs. AAR. I was also going to use EIW with my son for writing but I'm wondering now if I would even need it with LOE's composition portions. Overall it seems that all my language arts would be covered for around a year in the price of LOE. Give me your thoughts and experiences please wonderful ladies (and a few gentlemen). Thank you!
  10. Our get it done stuff is AAR/AAS, Nancy Larson Science, and ACE Paces. I adore HOD but it gets done less than ACE. And yet I've got HOD Preparing sitting on my shelf for next year. We shall see how that goes.
  11. Thank you for these lists happyhapyjoyjoy! I have imported everything you have. I really appreciate all the hard work people share. It makes my life so much easier! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  12. Ok I'm already doing some research for next year since I use our tax return and we buy in Feb. usually. I'm completely undecided on what to use. I've used HOD for a long time but this year we are using MFW Adventures and loving it. I'm on the fence about whether to use MFW ECC, HOD Preparing (my favorite guide from HOD incidentally), or be eclectic and choose from individual publishers for each subject. If I go eclectic I just don't know what's out there for history at this age. Well I do know about Abeka, BJU, Story of the World, and all the most used ones. I like the looks of Mystery of History but think it would be too much as this age. Is there anything else I'm missing as a stand alone history? Any ideas, opinions or thoughts? He will be 9 and is a perfectionist and likes to use his hands for EVERYTHING! LOL
  13. I bought the 3rd grade and everything was fine but all of the sudden it's not taking my child's 3 digit code to log in. I'm frustrated as I wanted him to use it today and we couldn't use it because of this. I'm calling tomorrow.
  14. These are wonderful! Thank you so much for being willing to share your hard work.
  15. Susie, Prearing is my FAVORITE guide from HOD but I constantly recommend waiting until older to tackle the guides from Preparing on up. I know some 3rd graders are doing it but I do believe that it's much better suited to 10 year old's and up. I would recommend trying it and see how it goes. Tweak it if you need to. I love HOD but have jumped ship this year with my 8 year old and I'm using MFW Adventures. I had planned to do Preparing next year but we are having such a fun time with Adventures that I've already been contemplating using MFW ECC instead. The fact that I would consider skipping Preparing has me all in knots though. I truly love that guide so much but if he's not ready he's not ready. If we wait until 10yo/5th grade our "path" with history is all messed up LOL. Decisions, decisions.
  16. Have you watched the videos at Math Mammoth for Long Division (I'm assuming she has videos for that particular blue book). You might want to write down the process for him to reference and of course practice, practice, practice ingrains those steps into our brains.
  17. Ok ladies. I'm in need of some advice. My 14 year old son is in 8th grade and he just doesn't seem to "get" grammar no matter what I try. We've done BJU, ACE, Analytical Grammar, and are now using Bridgeway English which is a remedial English program. Oh we also tried Easy Grammar at one point. Nothing seems to stick with him. He writes ok but his writing could use some work too. I was planning on working more heavily on writing second sememster because the first half of Bridgeway is grammar and the second half is more focused on writing. I have to sit with my son while he does all his grammar work and I'm afraid that at this point if he can't do any of it independently that he's just going to continue to struggle. How will this affect his high school level work? He's reading and comprehension are off the charts strong. He's also very good at analyzing literature due to BJU Reading. Grammar on the other hand is going to be the death of both us I think. Help! Any insight, ideas, etc. etc. etc!
  18. It's called Sound Literacy and it's expensive as apps go but I totally think it was worth every penny I paid for it. You can set up different students and different kinds of tile sets with colors etc. etc. It's only on the iPad at this time though. AAS has been a life saver for this family. It does require me to work with the child but I just set a timer for no more than 20 minutes and we pick up where we left off the next day. I do the review stuff at the start of each day though. I don't skip it if we stop in the middle of a step. For us the repetition was just what we needed and I remind them to use what they know when they ask me a question or misspell something. I can't reiterate enough that the time and money spent is worth every penny. I feel the same way about AAR. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE AAR and AAS. HTH, Paige
  19. Here are student planners from Well Planned Day. http://hedua.com/cart/index.php/wpd.html
  20. I use their online DL classes and you get abbreviated TM's in PDF. I do believe the e-textbooks are rented though. It's the same idea if I use their DVD DL classes. The video classes are rented but I would get to keep the books like TM's etc. I get to keep the abbreviated PDF's
  21. Hunter just to let you know I've got an iPad 3. I bought it in Feb. and I haven't once connected it to a computer. I do have wifi at home and it connects through wifi and I've had no problems what so ever. I chose the iPad over a new laptop and I do not regret my decision at all. I did get a lot of storage space on it though. I got 64 gig and I'm so happy I did. I'm always running out of space on my iPhone and it irks me like crazy. I do have a printer that I can print from the iPad on but I've not had to use it for anything. I've got all my BJU TM's in PDF on my iPad and I just look at them in iBooks. I think you will find the mini to be a completely different experience than your 1st generation iPad 1. Thanks for the heads up on the apps sale.
  22. I agree with Lexi. Call them. I called with some questions and they were fabulous. There is also a website where the homeschoolers that usually go to the conventions post and they will be happy to help you if you post there or email them there. http://bloomingscientists.com/ I can't wait to do Level 1 next year!
  23. Yes or you could try to find it used but let me tell ya. It's hard to find. I'm going to be using it next year and I'm keeping an eye out for it but I'm not seeing much at all. I'm prepared to fork out for it new at this point because I've done lots of research on it and talked to users who will never use anything else until NL runs out of levels.
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