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Thinking Out Loud~Need Input on 6th grade

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So I seem to have come up with three different plans that would work for next year. The problem, of course, is figuring out which one to pick. A little about my rising 6th grader. He will be 11 for most of the 6th grade year, he is an average student~likes history and science, tolerates math and despises writing and grammar (he does it but sure doesn't like it). This is the first year since his younger sister started school that I will separate them. He is too far ahead of her in understanding (finally!). Oh, and we are off the WTM cycle because I didn't even hear of it until half way through his second grade year.



These are for sure choices:

CLE LA and Math

IEW Writing

Mind Benders Logic

Choice #1

Sonlight G for history and science, Sonlight Readers

Choice #2

Trisms History's Masterminds (includes map work, history, science, writing which uses IEW, and reader suggestions) We would probably stretch this over a year and a half as it looks very full and has quite a bit of writing.

Choice #3

WTM suggestions for science, use K12 Human Odyssey for outlining and have him read SOTW independently, use CHOLL for Literature choices


So any ideas? Anyone do any of these ideas? I pretty interested in TRISMS but it's pricey. I'll be working with my youngest quite a bit next year so he'll need to be independent as much as possible. He is good about independence now working on math, LA and science mostly on his own.

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I like choice #3 but would add in some map work (i.e. finding a country on the globe).




Your third choice is similar to what I'll be doing with my rising 6th grader for history/literature. I don't like WTM suggestions for science though (too much work for me to pull things together), so we'll be using something else for earth science.

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I didn't like Trisms--it just seemed so boring to me to do all that research. I wanted a curriculum that gave me content, not just made me (the student, not me;)) look up everything. If your son doesn't like to write, that would make it tortuous, imo.


I LOVE the k12 I've seen, but I've only seen the Modern history book. I'd add in some fiction (maybe some of the lists from VP or TOG or Sonlight). I'd have him pick a topic every 2 weeks to go deeper, and the last 3 months or so, have him do one a week.

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