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Favorite book lists?

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I let my kids pick out what they want to read (within reason).


That said, I love having bins of books that I've picked out on hand to read with them. Would love to hear of some of your favorite booklists to pull from... I have Medieval Mom's (awesome) list saved to my hard drive and pull from that and we just started reading from the BFIAR/FIAR lists again. (3rd cycle with my kids).


My 4 y.o. loves Dr. Suess, so I've been going with that and getting him a Suess book each week, but really I'd love a list to work off of. I spend so much time gathering other materials we need for homeschooling (we're pretty book heavy), that I was hoping I could find lists to get recommendations for the times when I just don't have the time to browse. We're fans of all kinds of books here.


Picture books are what we are mostly in need of recommendations for - we've read (and re-read) most of the obvious classics... I know there are hidden gems out there somewhere!

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I love the booklists by Judy Freeman. She wrote Books Kids Will Sit Sit Still For and the other editions of that. My library has the most recent edition in the reference section. I love it because she is a children's librarian and tests the books out on kids. She lists the favorites with a brief description, some teaching or talking points, and other books that are related to it allowing you to do a read aloud theme. The older editions are super cheap on Amazon. The book recommendations span preschool through 6th grade. I haven't read a bad book since I began using her recommendations and I've discovered some amazing ones. The book changed my life since we are also heavy picture book readers.

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