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Any military moms or spouses that cananswer a question about mailing care packages

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I have a friend who has been corresponding with someone she met online who claims to be a deployed service member. In the course of their conversation it came up that his birthday is coming up and she asked if she could send him something. He replied that since he is stationed in a war zone she would have to go through a 3rd party (who she assumed was military) because he could not give her that information. This seemed legit to her, but upon emailing the person she was directed to email, she got an email back that sounded very much like a Nigerian scam email and upon further investigation of the email address it seems suspicious. Can anyone help me with this? Do care packages headed for war zones have to go through a 3rd party in order to keep the troops stationed there safe or can you send them with the unit name and number and address identifier? Does it make a difference if they are at a FOB or not? Thanks!

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I will answer this question for any others who've come across this, or need it for future reference.


The military IS the third party. The package is mailed to the military unit via USPS, then from there the military takes over and gets it to the service member. This guy could very easily give the address to anyone he wants.


Overseas address for deployed members are a bunch of letters and numbers - we all know how much the government loves acronyms. ;) It is not a street address that anybody can look up and "find" their exact location, like if I were to give you my home address.


Conclusion in this case: Scam. Advise your friend cease all communications with this person.

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