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Small lesson in manners today~

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(This is our actual conversation from today, written down quickly so I wouldn't miss any details lol.) We had finished our lunch, and as I was cleaning up, dd12 had started a Wii game. She was fully engrossed in it when I asked her if she had finished her room cleaning from yesterday. Her response was "Yep". :tongue_smilie: To which I replied, "Don't you mean yes ma'am?" And then she followed up with (in a thick British accent, mind you), "Oh, I am so sorry, honored mother. But don't you think that *yes ma'am* is a bit too impersonal? Wouldn't you prefer a little something less formal...less superficial? After all, we have a close bond as mother and daughter. How about *yes mom*?" :001_huh: :lol: I gave up on the manners lesson. Now I'm going to take a nap!

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