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I have posted a few times asking for advice on hsing my 3 dc. Dc are currently in Catholic school but we are going to start hsing in the fall. By the fall they will be ds11–6th grade, dd8–3rd grade and the ds5–K5. We are leaning towards SL cores B&G. Ds11 loves history but has studied American history the past 3 years and is begging to do world history. Dd8 hasn't really done organized history so I felt it was best to start her at the beginning. Also they will both be generally studying the same period. I was hoping to do one core or history together but it doesn't look possible. We will be doing a science core together. That leaves language arts and math. I have no clue where to start it's completely overwhelming. Is SL language arts any good? As far as math goes as lovely as it looks I don't think something like Singapore would be good to start this late in the game. I also haven't figured out what to do with ds5 I can't afford another core so I was thinking about just doing the basics with him then letting him tag along. Any suggestions for the basics? Lol I am open to any and all suggestions so anything you got please throw my way :bigear: Thank You!

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Your kindergartner and third-grader could do core b together, and then your sixth grader could do core G, that way you are only teaching two cores. For math have you looked at Teaching Textbooks? We love it. For my kindergartner we are using Horizons Math K, and I really like that as well. I was not impressed with Sonlight's language arts to be honest. Especially the grammar component. (A topic is taught once and then never brought up again.) I am still deciding on what language arts program I am going to use for my third grader this fall, but I really like the look of Writing with Ease, First Language Lessons & All About Spelling. Also IEW (Institute for Excellence in Writing) looks like it will be a good fit for us. Hope that helps somewhat. I'm sure others on this board will have lots more ideas, especially concerning curriculum for your sixth grader.

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I'm a happy SL user, but I don't use SL's LA. Their LA does not seem to be a popular choice.


I use CLE math with both of my kids and then CLE LA for grammar and spelling with my daughter and Hake Grammar for my son. My son also uses an SRA program for spelling.


I really like the balance of using a literature approach for history, science, lit and reading and then a workbook approach for math, grammar and spelling.


There are lots of great options out there. These are the ones that happen to work for us. Whatever you choose, make sure you take a placement test if it is available as every program has a different scope and sequence.



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Thanks you for the advices ladies :). Does anyone have any more suggestions for what reading program to try with my K5? How about "language arts" for the older two? Thank you again.



We are using All About Reading with my almost five year old and I can't say enough positive things about it, if you are still looking at reading programs.


I also just got our first Sonlight core and the kids are really really happy about that. We have done FLL and WWE in the last year and enjoyed those very much for language arts, and we have also enjoyed Math Mammoth for math from first to third grade. This is our first year with Saxon starting with 54 so we are still getting used to that.


We are also just starting Apologia Zoology and I like that I can use it with my 8 year old and my 5 year old with the two different levels of notebooking available. Previously we used the free Life Science from Classical Science http://eequalsmcq.com/ and it was pretty good (and FREE, too)

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You can't change the title, but you can start a new thread. :D



I am also a Catholic homeschooler. We are doing most of SL cores P3/4 and P4/5 this year. You do have to be careful with a few of their titles though. They are an evangelical company. Most of their selections are excellent though!


If you are wanting a Catholic history program in which the entire family could study the same time period, RC History is excellent. You can always supplement with some SL books. I love the SL readers. Those would be an easy add-on to RC History. Mater Amabilis also has some wonderful Catholic recommendations for all subjects. There is also a Catholic forum that you could post on. They are extremely helpful. Most of the moms tend towards Charlotte Mason style of education, but not all of them and they are a great resource for someone starting out!!! There are plenty of Catholics on here too!!!


As far as LA, I can speak for kindergarten because that is what I am doing this year. My son uses Explode the Code for phonics. It is very good. It is too much writing for him so I do the writing for him (or don't make him do it depending on the page). We love Zaner-Bloser handwriting. We also use the MCP readers that are recommended in the Well Trained Mind. I plan to use Analytical Grammar for my olders.


Here are some other great resources for Catholic homeschooling:


Catholic Heritage Curricula



Mother of Divine Grace

Our Lady of Victory



Memoria Press is not a Catholic company, but they are Episcopal and are definitely not anti-Catholic. I use a lot of their materials. They are excellent.



Hope that helps! I tried not to use abbreviations since you are new to the boards. Feel free to send me a private message if you have any questions. I am also new to homeschooling and I know how overwhelming it can be. Try and attend a homeschool convention if possible. That is really helpful and try not to buy any curricula right away. Do your research and then take some time to really think about it.


I don't know where you live, but these are awesome conventions and here are some Catholic conferences. If you are anywhere near VA, I highly recommend the IHM national conference. It is amazing!!!

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