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To test prep or not?


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Definitely prep for the *format*. This doesn't have to mean a lot of time. But let them go into the test knowing how it will work, if they'll need to fill in their answers on a separate "bubble" sheet, etc. If using a bubble answer sheet, find a practice one for them so they can practice making sure they're lining up answer numbers with questions, not skipping any.


You want to test the kids on their knowledge of the test material -- not on their ability to figure out a completely foreign activity quickly. :)

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We don't go over content prep b/c I just don't want to stress kiddos out. We do, however, talk about coloring in bubbles, reading ALL questions, checking answers, not rushing, and in a group setting not talking :)


I want to know where my kid is at, not where they got to at the last minutes of cramming and I also want it to not be a big deal. Just another day of school w/ something else we're going to try.


If we decided to do prep we'll probably look at a free state test that's avail on-line, for example, http://www.edinformatics.com/testing/testing.htm

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